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Welcome to your website established by your union to provide better communication and support.

What can you find on the website?
Newsletter - The ATU Monthly Newsletter and Items of special interest such as retirements, promotions, and member recognitions.  You may view or download the newsletter in PDF format.

Organization - Board members and stewards contact information and links to Union By-Laws and Contract.

(Union By-Laws and Union Contacts for NFT, Coach and Grand Island - added Coach and Grand Island)

Calendar - Events such as meetings and special events.
Grievance - Tracking from the time the grievance is received at the main office through board and member meetings, arbitration and outcome.  Grievance Procedure.
Arbitration Ruling - Historical Tracking of Rulings starting in 2008.
ATU Scholarships - Scholarships available through ATU Local Union 1342

WNY Labor Today - WNY Labor News -ATU LOCAL 1342 Problems VIDEO-October 2013 (large file)

2013 Election - Information about your officers election.
Contact - Send messages to your union's officers.
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Please send us your comments and suggestions using the Contact page.  Thank you.

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Home • Newsletter • Organization • Calendar • Grievance • Arbitration Rulings • 2013 Election • Contact • ATU Scholarships